friday faves - a list!

this is the face that PJ makes when he drives my '77 VW Beetle... its a standard, and  I taught HIM how to drive it!!
I usually just have a few links with pictures, but this week I tried something a little different.  I'll be linking up to not just other blog posts but awesomeness I've found elsewhere on the web :-)  Feast your eyes on THESE:

Man Repeller x DANNIJO jewelry collab? I die! I'll take one of these please

A new favorite blog to read... Sydney is just bursting at the seams with style AND happiness (thanks to smile and wave)

A heartbreaking love story (via a cup of jo)

Who knew fashion could predict the stock market? (well... i had actually heard this before, but did you?)

Good advice about finding true love

This hairstyle tutorial looks like something I could actually DO with my short hair

And I will definitely be trying to use these tips and tricks for self-photos!

IRL (in real life) faves: cheap dates with PJ, going college shopping with Katie, enjoying this beautiful weather, getting a haircut, and wearing a maxi dress to work but feeling like I'm in my pajamas!

Have a lovely weekend!
<3 barb

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