a food-venture

It's really a rare moment when PJ and I land on a weekend day with nothing to do... as in: nothing planned, nothing on the to-do list, nowhere to be.  That was the case yesterday morning, and we literally didn't have a clue what to do with ourselves!  After I spent some time trying to update my blog layout (again and again and again), PJ and I decided to just get ready and get out of the house.  Where were we headed?  We didn't know yet!
our destination
Our journey landed us in Brooklyn, specifically in Red Hook, at a park where the community has soccer games on the weekends.  And everyone knows that you can't have a sporting event without food, right?  Right!  The food trucks gathered to serve Salvadoran deliciousness... let me get you drooling:
our pupusa platter with chorizo, curtido, and plantain chips
plantain chips close up!
Our first try landed us a pupusa platter... I had never even heard of a pupusa before, but they are on my radar now for sure.  We got one each of chicken and beef, and the platter was rounded out with curtido (delicious pink pickled cabbage) and chorizo.  Then I saw the plantain chips and figured we should get them too!
happily quenching my thirst
After we ate, we were thirsty.  The kind of thirsty you get when you're eating great food and its 90 degrees and crazy humid out.  We checked out another truck that had fruit juices, shakes, and even bags of sliced fruit!  We chose the mango juice, which was perfectly refreshing and not too sweet, and we drank it while continuing to scope out a dessert option.
PJ really enjoyed the food-venture
One of my favorite things about visiting these food trucks is the visual menu.  Most trucks selling food understood that you may not really know what all the names of items mean (we sure didn't!) but as you can see on this truck, they post pictures of their dishes so you know what you're getting.  For dessert, PJ wanted to try out the rellenitos.
2 kinds of rellenitos
We didn't know what these were at all... but since we generally like any kind of fried dough topped with powdered sugar, rellenitos were an easy pick.  As soon as we started eating, we could tell the dough was made with plantains.  We dug further to reveal two different fillings: black bean and sweet cream.  Both were yummy, but I preferred the black bean... and PJ liked the sweet cream better :-)
Once stuffed, we headed back home to the thunderstorm that never happened (literally the forecast all day was rain, and we didn't see a drop) and spent some time at the pool.  It was a fun and relaxing day, the kind I wish we had more often... but then if we had days like that all the time it probably wouldn't be so special!

Happy Monday!
<3 barb

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