friday faves... i know you've missed them

Ok, so you may or may not care about what I'm reading lately on the interwebs, but I'm going to share with you anyway! Hooray!
Are you reading Hello Giggles yet?  NO?! ... I made my way to HG from Sometimes Sweet's Dani Hampton, who is a contributor.  It is now a daily read, a collaborative effort from funny ladies of all ages (including Zooey Deschanel!)  This week, my favorite post was about the Blackberry v. iPhone debate... one I could sympathize with all too easily (I'm ready to send my BB Curve down the garbage disposal, even if it IS purple... and I don't even have a garbage disposal!)

Another lovely blog is DESIGNLOVEFEST... Bri is super cool AND super talented, I'm crazy about her recent blog makeover and her features are always spot on!  My favorite this week?  her style series post featuring polka-dot bloomers :-D

You probably already know that I'm sponsoring SrslyLiz this month, but did you take a peek at the blog?  This morning, Liz shared a DIY for the cutest Leopard Print Nails!!  While its highly unlikely that I'll actually do this (mostly due to a lack of time/patience), I recommended it to my sister and will be severely disappointed if she doesn't try it... she is the queen of ridiculous nails.

Have a fabulous weekend!
<3 barb

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