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Well, I'm a little late to the party, but I think the Journal Day series by Danielle is pretty awesome... so I'm going to post it anyway. I figure, she hasn't posted a new prompt yet so this one isn't expired!

The prompt posted on Sometimes Sweet last week is:
The older we get, the more certain we get about who we are and what our purpose is. For me, a lot of it is still unknown, but as I make my way down my own path, I have begun to realize that there are indeed some inevitable truths that I know for sure. On your own blog, write a post that talks about "the one thing you know for sure."

I've been rolling that around in my head for about a week now, and I keep thinking "I don't know anything for sure." And maybe I don't... But is that so bad? Truthfully, I'm only 25 and I really don't know where I'm heading in life. I hope that I've put myself on the right path, that I'm learning more about myself, and that I'm making the right decisions based on who I wish to become... but I don't know that for sure, not at all. It's been a trial and error process to get to this point, and I'm fairly certain it will continue to be that way throughout my life. Is that what I'm sure of? The fact that I'm not sure at all? Maybe, but that would be so cliche...
When I was 17, I was sure that I wanted to be an architect... I went to college and got my degree in architecture, and somewhere along the way I realized that wasn't really me. When I was 10, I was sure that I would be married by now... but I'm not, and I'm actually very happy with where I currently am in life, looking forward to a beautiful future. When I was 6, I was sure that my new baby sister would instantly be my best friend... I wouldn't say it happened instantly, but she is now!
I think that I can be sure things will keep changing, both in reality and in my perception... Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Every day holds the possibility of something totally unexpected, exciting, and new. As long as I keep moving forward and pushing myself to do what's best for me, I'm pretty sure I'll be ok. I can't be sure what tomorrow will bring, but I can be sure that right now, I'm happy.

<3 barb

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  1. I totally feel you on this. I'll be 26 next month and I feel a little lost.

    Ps; I got your comment regarding your interest in sponsoring in August. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions, love. liz@srslyliz.com


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