a record-breaking week

It's been boiling lava hot here in NYC all week, and for some reason instead of hiding in the air conditioning, I've been keeping pretty busy. Like, going out after work 3 nights this week busy... who does that?

Monday night, I met up with my BFF/roomie (so we aren't roomies anymore, but we were in college!) to do some shopping and get dinner. We are both sushi lovers, so when she suggested we hit up Lure Fish Bar, I didn't hesitate. We picked from the restaurant week menu, both opting for the sushi entree. Appetizers were Shrimp Tempura and Oysters (we ordered different ones, ate half, and rotated... that's what besties do, right? Dessert was mini ice cream sandwiches, YUM! We had drinks too, I enjoyed a Rose Prosecco and Danielle had the Bellini Martini. You should probs go check this place out, not only is the food yummy, but the interior is decorated like the inside of a yacht!

Tuesday was a night off, but Wednesday was back to crazy! Remember when PJ and I went to the Night of Thrills at Raceway Park? Well, my 7 yr old cousin, Ryan, saw our pictures and was so excited that we planned to take him with us next time.

The party expanded to include my sister, Val, and Rob, and we had a blast!

There were funny cars, jet cars, monster trucks, and the incomparable Robosaurus. Robosaurus is a 4 story tall robot dinosaur who breathes fire and eats cars.

Needless to say, it was 7 yr old heaven!

Last night was another adventure. PJ and I went with Bridget and Danny to see Sublime and 311 in concert. It was a hot one out at the PNC Bank Arts Center... but summer is definitely concert season. Despite not knowing much about either of the bands, or any of their songs, I had a great time.

I think the moral of the story this week is that if you're going anywhere with good company, it'll be a blast!
Tonight I'm laying low to recover from the chaos that was this week... but I'm not slowing down. Tomorrow night I'll be seeing Taylor Swift and I could not be more excited! I promise to take pics and tell all about it :-D

<3 barb

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