a great weekend

So what if it's wednesday and I'm just telling you about my weekend now? It was great, but this week has been busy, and this is the first chance I'm getting to share...

Bridget and Danny

Saturday was HOT, but PJ and I spent the day helping our friends (pictured above at their wedding last month) move from an apartment into a house! While it was a long day of packing up and carrying out, they provided pizza and beer... that's not really something you can say no to!

Don't we clean up nice?

Sunday was a really special day... PJ and I went into the city with my fam to see Catch Me If You Can on Broadway!

Can you find her name?

Now, any day of the week a broadway musical is special, but this was EXTRA special because my cousin in in the show! I actually took a picture of the cast list above, because I need photographic evidence of her first broadway show. Her name is Kristin Piro, it's about halfway down the left column, and you should all remember her name because she's going to be a star!

Me, Kristin, Lauren, Katie, and Mom after the show

Actually, she's already a star... can you pick her out above? She's the glamazon in the white tank top. She was in stage for about 90% of the show, and it was so distracting! I couldn't stop watching her and thinking, OMG thats my cousin, I KNOW her! It was totally crazy.

The show itself was really fantastic, and I'm not just saying that because I want everyone to go see it and support my cousin. The songs are fun, the sets are fabulously retro, the actors are so talented, and the TRUE story is just about unbelievable. Really, what could be better than that?

The last great thing about this weekend, I found out that I WON a pair of Toms Sunglasses. My friend Meg did a giveaway on her blog Jeans Tees Travel Cakes and I won! I've really been needing a new pair of sunnies, and the Toms 101s are a perfect classic style :-). I'll have to remember to take a pic when I get them, Thanks Meg!
Was that good enough for you? I hope your weekend was lovely too... and your week, since it's halfway over now!

<3 barb

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  1. hello how fabulously fun about your cousin! so exciting! the show has had such great reviews too.


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