I promised that this iPad thing would equal more blogging, and so far it hasn't... Mostly my fault because it's just too darn fun to play with! But I've been dreaming up things to post, wishing I could take more pictures, and thinking a lot about why I blog...

I blog because I read other blogs, which sounds silly, but I assure you it's not. To me, blogs create a community, somewhere out in the inter webs. When I think about some of my favorite blogs, I think of people that I would be so happy to call my real life friends. And I like to think that at least some of them see me the same way... They read my blog, they get to know me, they want to be my friends too. But is my blog really showing who I am? Probably sometimes yes and sometimes no. Yesterday, I read a post on Chantilly's blog (you may have heard of it... It's called My Girl Thursday... It's fabulous... She's awesome) that made me stop and think. It made me think "I'm over-thinking this blog thing"... Which got me thinking... (sorry, that was absurd, but it made me laugh)

Like Thursday, I'm boring, or really I'm just normal. I only wear 3 makeup items per day, I never change my earrings, and I am the world's worst commuter if I don't have my headphones in. I like funky shoes and pretty dresses, but I have no patience to bother with my hair. So I'm going to make this blog about me, I'm going to write about my normal life, and I'm going to do it using this fancy iPad, while Im doing things like riding a boat to work!

Well, I was going to add a pic here, but apparently I can't do that using blogger in safari, so next time, a picture, I promise.

<3 barb

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  1. I completely agree about building community with blogging. And I'm learning to be more real on my blog. And I'm doing it all with the distraction of a fairly new iPad2 (my hubby camped for me in March).


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