quarter century!

This blog has been sad and lonely for a while, so I thought to myself, what better day to beg forgiveness than my BIRTHDAY!?  Yes, today is my 25th birthday, and it's off to a great start :-)
This is little me, way back on my 1st birthday... I'm going to assume that I was unhappy because I didn't understand what a fun day a birthday can be!  

dress: gap, belt: gap, shoes: aldo
And here is me, today, on my 25th birthday, wearing my very special birthday outfit of presents that I bought myself! 

I just noticed that both birthday dresses feature pretty ruffled shoulders... I guess I've always been fashionable! (either that or I'm just really resistant to change)  Today is already off to an awesome start; PJ gave my my gift this morning when he picked me up for work... kinda.  All wrapped up in a pretty gift bag was an iPad cover... for my invidible iPad?  Sadly, the real gift hasn't yet arrived, but it will be here tomorrow!  At that point, I will most likely go app crazy, and my number of blog posts should increase drastically :-)
Since I'm not a total birthday diva, I'm at work today, but I WILL be going out for lunch with my team!  Later tonight I'm having dinner with the fam... both mine and PJs actually.  I think it will be a perfectly low-key way to celebrate :-D

I hope your day is awesome too, even if its not your birthday ;-)
<3 barb

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