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I'm seriously writing this while I'm waiting for the train, at 6:45am, and really, I wish I weren't out this early. Sadly, this week is a busy one, and there's just not enough hours in the day to get things done both at work and after. So, I'm going in early... Literally a half hour earlier than normal. Boo that. Even so, I'm smiling:

I'm also using this early morning to test out this app i just bought for blogging on the go... Anyone else using blogpress for iPad? So far it looks good :-)

Sometime in the near future I'd like to do a post about my morning commute... It takes me over an hour to get to work each day, and if you're not from Staten Island, I think it would be pretty interesting to see. I'm hoping this app will help me do that.

I really wasn't sure what else's I'd have to say this morning (I don't do my best thinking before 7am), but I think i'll just tell you about another app that I really like. It's called Flipboard, and it basically makes social media into a magazine. You can log into twitter and Facebook, you can add feeds of different companies or blogs, and you can like and retweet things from it too!

That's the featured page, from there, you can click on one of the items or flip to your next page for more. Once you click into your content, it looks a bit like this:

See? That's my Twitter! It shows tweets as texts, it shows images, and it even shows snippets of links from my tweetos...it's awesome, and I'm starting to use it for everything. Yesterday I even threw in my google reader, why not?

Before I sign off, I need to tell you that I can't take all the credit for finding this app. PJ installed it while I wasn't looking (it's free, so I didn't flip out haha) and he tells me "look, there's a flipboard for bacon!". Of course there is, thanks for pointing that out dear. :-)

<3 barb

PS if you're more iPad savvy than I am, what apps are you loving?

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