i want SPRING!

Technically, its been spring for about a week now... we had a few days of really beautiful weather, but it seems that now mother nature is playing a trick on us.  When I look out my window I see sunshine and blue skies, but when I step out the door I'm wishing I had my gloves on!  What gives?
In any case, I've decided that the weather shouldn't stop me from picking out some spring faves!  Here are a few that I'm loving right now:

Do you love these? Because, I love these.  I tried them on last week, they are probably a 10 on the outrageously high heels scale, and they are beautiful!  Thanks ALDO, for the Affina wedge sandals... once again, you've stolen my heart with these perfectly retro but amazingly modern platforms! 

Did I ever show you the pretty cloche that PJ got for me this fall? No? Well, I meant to.  Apparently, cloche is the correct hat shape for me... I was checking out more springy hats last week and I realized that I look silly in a fedora (they're everywhere right now) but this braided straw bow cloche from Urban Ourfitters was just right! ...it's highly likely that I will be buying this soon...

Lastly, remember when I was wanting a new backpack a few months back?  Well, here I am, months later, with a giant tote bag full of stuff and it's starting to hurt my back... I never got the pretty backpack that I wanted.  But this rucksack from infusion (on etsy) looks both fashionable and bottomless!  It comes in other colors too, including a sweet stripe... and we all love stripes :-)

So, that's what I want.  Sadly, my birthday isn't for almost 2 months... however, feel free to get me an "I think you're really special" present/giftcard/monetary donation!

<3 barb

P.S. See? I promised that I would be back... I really did miss blogging!

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