Hello everyone! I'm Paul (better known as PJ) and it seems that I will be writing some musically inspired blog posts for Barb from now on. Barb asked me if I was interested in writing for her blog after one of our many road trips where we were listening to my ipod. She made a comment of the fact that she never knew what kind of song to expect next. We would listen to a song by Metallica and the very next song is by Ke$ha!

Since I have such a wide range of taste in music I'll try to make sure I cover everything possible.

So today I made a little playlist of some Indie groups that are worth a listen.

First up is Crystal Castles. They are a really interesting group with a very electronic feel to it. Some of their songs are just plain weird while most are just awesome. They call themselves a "thrasher" group but I have no idea what that means, it's just Indie to me. They frequent Williamsburg Brooklyn night spots often and are definitely worth seeing (I know because I've seen them!).

Next is Bear in Heaven. I just recently stumbled upon this group and quickly got the album. You just can't help but do a little head nod when listening to their songs.

Last on today's list is First Aid Kit. Compared to the above two bands they are on the mellow side of things. It's perfect music for relaxing or listening to while making dessert for Barb and her family (tonight I made bananas foster!)

Well enjoy and let me know know what you think,

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