smiles for friday :-)

I'm not sure if this week was too fast or too slow or just too darn busy, but I'm really happy it's over... and I have a not-so-scheduled weekend ahead to get cracking on what might be a long ToDo list by the time I'm done with it!  Anyway, as usual I've collected some happiness from around the blogs to share with you...

FABULOUS... that's what this is... pure fabulous!
The always fashionable Chelsea of Seablanket just introduced a new feature called "Look of the Week", and the above is the first featured look... 

When I saw this little cartoon on Renne's blog, I immediately tagged it for sharing... as if Jeggings weren't bad enough! (I think, more than anything, its the word "jeggings" that bothers me most, haha)

Not gonna lie, the "what's in your toolbox" feature on design*sponge doesn't usually excite me... but this week's interview of Bri Emery left me totally jazzed! She's pretty, she's talented, and she's a total design nerd... her blog's tagline is "where type and images totally make out"... clearly, she is everything I aspire to be :-)

And lastly, if this video doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will... it's an Improv Everywhere prank, documented on Color Me Katie, and it's amazing, as usual :-D

Well, that's all for this week pals, I hope your weekend is full of reasons to smile!
<3 barb

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