away to the mountains

Last weekend PJ and I went on a snowboarding adventure to Gore Mountain, and this is what I wore:
j/k... but I do totally love my snowboarding gear!

We were expecting a really freezing cold day on the mountain (like -20 degrees!), but it was clear and sunny and totally beautiful in the morning :-)
On the drive up, I experimented with a new app that PJ got for his iPhone... since I don't have an I phone, I don't have fancy apps like this.  It allows you to use different filters to make your videos look like you've been editing and processing forever!  Coincidentally, I haven't been able to figure out how to edit this video to remove the unnecessary parts... next time loves...

Here's some pretty scenery from the drive up... look how blue the sky is!

I loved how the little town near the mountain had these cute old gondolas hanging up outside many of the businesses!

I know, you can barely see our faces, but PJ and I were super happy to be having an awesome day together. The conditions were so perfect that we totally skipped lunch and rode the slopes til we were ready to drop... total craziness 

The rest of our weekend included yummy food, good friends, and some girl time for me during my sorority meeting.  It's nice to get away for a few days, it was like a mini- vacation... only when we got back we were totally sore and exhausted from our long day of snowboarding :-P

<3 barb

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