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I totally planned on some posts this week, but it's just been too crazy!  I ran away for the weekend, worked until 8pm one night, and we had a blizzard... I'll have pics of this stuff later (minus the late day at work)
However, I have been keeping up with my blog reading to help maintain my sanity... and I've gathered up some of my faves :-)

Did you all see this video? It's so sweet... and it's been everywhere this week... but I saw it first on A Cup of Jo

You'll need to go to FFunction and check out the full scale version of this pretty Data Visualization... brought to you (me) by Dingbat's Agenda

I've seen items from Spread the Love's Etsy Shop before, but never put a name on the shop! ...everything is lovely, as recommended by Dani at Sometimes Sweet :-)

Finally, these adorable-tastic Worlds Smallest Post Service packages by Leafcutter Designs would be the sweetest Valentine! thanks to Shawni at A Spoonful of Love for the re-introduction!

Happy Weekend Lovies!
<3 barb

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