luxe wants... my over the top christmas list

Dear Santa,

What if I told you I've been very good this year? Like perfectly amazingly good?  Well, if that were the case, hypothetically, these items would top my Christmas list:

I mentioned this one already, but I more than love these Sophia Satchels from Coach.  And this color (Clover Leaf) would look good with pretty much everything I own... since I'm all about the jewel tones :-D

Did any other gLeeks fall head over heels for this coat worn by Miss Pillsbury? Yea, I did... it's the Studio Mona Coat by Kate Spade so obviously its beautiful.

This intricately detailed Rose Band ring by Gin and Butterflies (on Etsy) is so amazingly beautiful and special, and yet so delicate.  It was love at first sight!

I know Christmas is just days away, but since I haven't actually been completely angelic this year, I'll understand if these don't make it under the tree!
<3 barb

PS- Wondering whats on my much more realistic list? Check out my other want wednesday posts :-)

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