kitty fun

I've never had pets in my house... my parents have a million reasons why and really, I was always ok without them.  You know, minus the occasional goldfish :-)
However, PJ has kitties... sweet, fuzzy, snuggly kitties... and they are fun to play with:

Chi-chi is a little sweetheart... she likes to snuggle on the couch!
We were hanging out with her one night and when we left, I covered her up with the blanket so that she could still be snuggly!

Max is less snuggly with us, hes more of a Prince.  So, we thought he needed a regal bow tie... of the Bands & Bows variety :-)
As you can see, he did not really agree with us! 

These kitties have the potential of turning me into a crazy cat lady!  Do you have any special furballs in your life??
<3 barb

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  1. In case anyone wonders.. Max is a F2 long hair Scottish Fold.



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