What's Christmas without some festive candy, right?  PJ, my sister, and I teamed up to make a stunningly beautiful Gingerbread house... made with real homemade gingerbread pieces baked by PJs mom!

Our gingerbread house team! poor Katie was stuck sitting between us... 

These are Katie's walls... note that you can see the Christmas tree through the window!

Our new friends who also made gingerbread houses...
These guys probably ate more candy than they put on their houses :-D

PJ's walls... obv flowers grow in the snow in gingerbread land...


my tree... isn't it lovely?

Our completed house... Katie made a tree too, and we collaborated on a snowman!
If you were wondering what I did, since PJ and Katie made walls, I did the roof :-)
The little guys houses, with ours... what a fun day!

We made sure to put lots of candy on our house, I can't wait to eat it!  But I guess I will wait until after Christmas, so that everyone can see what a great job we did  :-)

<3 barb

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