have a crafty holiday

I've been noticing lately that there are LOTS of awesome holiday DIYs popping up on my favorite blogs.  I figured that since I will never have the time to try them all, I should share with you...

I would LOVE to have this bright felt wreath hanging on my door this season, but it belongs to Urban Comfort

Seablanket has the most beautiful Tinsel Manicure... if only i had the patience!

And Katie is going glitter crazy with these Gold Bangles and Shimmering Snowballs!

There's no instructions for these lovelies on You Are My Fave, but really, who needs them?

One last thing... they're very pretty, and SO easy- Sparkly Ornament Christmas Cards via A Spoonful of Love... I bet you could adapt this idea to almost ANY design!

There you go, Happy Crafting!
<3 barb

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