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I wasn't really sure what I was going to post this week, to tell you the truth, but this morning... I was inspired!  There's a girl who takes the same subway as me in the morning who is the GLAM MASTER, she always looks flawless, fabulous, shes a fashionista, and I wish I could steal her style.
Since style stealing is a punishable offense, obviously I'll have to do some re-interpreting of her style into my own:
Fabulous Necessity #1 - The perfect coat
I've been eyeing this Cocoon Jacket from Express for a while now, I think its gorgeous... why haven't I bought it? I'm just not sure it's practical (beautiful things rarely are)

Fabulous Necessity #2 - Killer shoes
I'm probably the last to jump on the ankle boot bandwagon, but I've been searching for something versatile... these Eylenja Boots from ALDO fit the bill - great color, not too high a heel, and convertible - cuff up or folded down!

Fabulous Necessity #3 - A Scarf
Its winter in Manhattan, which means it's freezing cold and the streets are like wind tunnels... ugh!  The Circle Scarf by American Apparel can be worn as a chunky scarf, a hood, a wrap - whatever you need to keep warm and cozy :-) 

So, that's that! I think I would give Fab Fashionista a run for her money wearing all this, don't you? ;-)
<3 barb

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