a tiny little fire

A few Saturdays ago (yea, so what I'm late with this), PJ and I spent an afternoon tending to a tiny little fire outside.  Why? Because we were smoking kielbasa... and you need to keep the fire tiny so that it cooks very slowly.  Here's what that looked like:

The little fire was just the right size to toast marshmallows!

So we made 'Smores... PJ didn't know why they were called 'Smores, so I told him "because you always want 'smore!!"

I enjoyed the 'smores (yes, thats me in there)

This is about the halfway point... PJ and his dad took them out to take a look

This one is all done and ready to eat... YUMMY!

Again. me all bundled up... it was really cold, and we spent about 6 hours outside!

I think it was worth the all day wait, but it's probably not something I'd want to do more than once a year.  Both our families are enjoying the deliciousness now!

Did you make anything especially delicious for this holiday season??
<3 barb

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  1. smoking meat is a diy i can stand behind!



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