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So, obviously I don't have to explain that my new job has totally thrown me out of whack!  I've been majorly slacking in the new posts dept, and I am NOT prepared for my craft fair on Nov 20th... however, I do have lots of time during my daily commute to and from work to brainstorm about how I can continue to blog and work on my shop even with my crazy schedule!

This first idea is fairly simple... I'm going to start linking up to posts from my favorite bloggers! I'm a blogaholic, and I'm sure that most visitors to my blog/ shop are my bloggy friends, so I want to share the love :-)
Here we GO:
(image snagged from Keiko Lynn)

The fabulous Keiko Lynn will be at the SoHo Coach Store in NYC TODAY! (I'll be there too!)

These photo albums, featured over at Design Crush are amazing... so many display possibilities

The Alpha Gam Blog Network has added a Squirrel Entrepreneurs Page... and I'm featured :-D

An AMAZING pillowcase tutorial by Seablanket using a plaid shirt! (and her pup is the cutest ever)

Lastly (but definitely NOT least), Shawni just opened her new Etsy Shop: A Bit of Lace!

HAPPY FRIDAY to everyone, and have a lovely weekend!
<3 barb

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