wanting COACH!!

So, i realize I'm a bit behind... and usually when i lose track of time and neglect to share things with you, i just let it go and wait for something else exciting to happen, which it usually does!  However, some things are SO worth sharing... like the Coach Holiday Event at the SoHo store :-)

Anyway, on Friday Nov 12, I met up with the fabulous (and newly engaged!) Lisa, who was to accompany me for this super fun girls night.  We had margaritas and guacamole, and then headed to Coach:
I was WAY too excited to meet Keiko Lynn!

Lisa LOVED this bag...

maybe I did too... in every color!

see? they're all really pretty :-)

However, they're not quite as pretty as Lisa and me!

We had an awesome time... everything at Coach was fabulous, Keiko was so sweet... and i MAY have bought myself a teeny little Christmas present!  For now, all the rest of the beautiful bags are on my Wish List...

<3 Barb

PS- I really enjoyed going to this event in the city... any other fun/ fashionable events coming this way? I'd love to meet up with my bloggy friends!

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