wanting... a reward!

So, I've been quiet around here lately, and theres a BIG reason why... a few weeks ago, I decided that while I may not exactly want to be an architect, I am not completely opposed to working in an architecture office for a while.
I do, currently, work in an architecture office... but its time for me to make a move, and it has been for a while.
Well... I got myself together, and I applied (with the help of some really awesome friends) for a few jobs in the Marketing Depts of a few architecture offices.  AND I managed to snag an interview...
As I'm sure you can guess, I am WAY excited about this (note all the CAPS)... and while I don't officially start at my new job as Marketing Coordinator until November 1, I'm already thinking of lovely things to reward myself with!

I confess, I have scarves and I rarely wear them... but THESE scarves, by SCARFSHOP, looked so pretty over on sfgirlbybay that I immediately put them on my "want list"

Then, theres THIS lovely over at Swatch.  I fell in love with it while wandering the airport in Cleveland... and it's exactly what I've been thinking I need.  Its big, but feminine (um, do you see the sparkley rhinestones on the face?)... its perfect!  Also, it comes in a bunch of different colors, the caramel being a close second favorite to the silver

Ok, I know I usually give you three, but I think I'll just stop there before things get out of hand!  I could, obviously do this all day :-)

In closing, YAY NEW JOB!  I'll keep you posted on how this goes!
<3 barb

PS... I was featured over on Seablanket last week! If you haven't seen it, you should head over and say hello, it was a really lovely post!!

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