cleveland rocks!

As promised, I'm back with some pictures of Cleveland and the wedding... I was really glad to see my friends from college, some of whom I haven't seen since graduation!  Since I do have things to do besides blog today (ok, so maybe I don't...) let's get this under way:

Fave thing to do in Cleveland? Drink Great Lakes Beer!

{Ili, Maeg, Bratt}
So many reasons why I love these 3... 1 being that they DANCE and STRUT down the street!

{Maeg, Dave, Ili, Bratt}
Obv the ONLY appropriate pose in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame... AIR INSTRUMENTS!

In case I forgot where I visited...

Downtown Cleveland

{Cassie, Maeg, Karen, Bratt, BRIDE Elyse, Morgan, Me, Viv, Erica}
Some of us girls, before the ceremony

{Mr. & Mrs. Mike Spink}

Showing off his tux

{Me, Karen, Ili, Erica, Viv, Bratt, Maeg, Zoey, Mia, Morgan}
More fabulous ladies, after the ceremony

{Mike + Elyse}
Just Married!!!

{Elyse + Mike}
She might kill me for posting this... but it was SO hilarious!

Clearly, so in love!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Spink!

As I said, these are just the highlights... I'd share more, but there was a lot of crazyness, embarassment, and bad dancing... so I figured I should spare you!  There was also a very LARGE amount of LOVE, but it would be difficult for me to convey that through pictures/ words.  Elyse is fabulous (as you can see), and made a beautiful bride (did I mention her MOM made the dress?!), and we are all so happy for her and Mike!

Now that I've posted twice today, to make up for being absent all week, I'm running away for the weekend!  Where to?  Troy, of course!  It's Homecoming Weekend, as well as Alpha Gamma Delta- Zeta Eta's 30th Anniversary Celebration!  I'll be sure to have my camera on me at all times, and catch some happiness to share with you when I return... Have a Lovely Weekend :-D

<3 Barb

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  1. the banded bridal party looked great!! Have fun celebrating 30 years, WOW.
    I planned the 10 year at Theta Tau last year and it was a ton of fun!


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