happy october!

I am pretty much BLOWN AWAY by how fast September came and went.  Summer? Gone... its been raining here for the past week, which I guess means that it's fall.  Which isn't too bad, I guess.  Its boots season, which I love.  And while I don't really wear sweaters, I like the IDEA of sweaters!  ...in a week or so I'm sure I'll start dragging out all my cool weather clothes and it'll be like having a whole new wardrobe :-)

Anyway, I've got some exciting things going on here.  I decided that I should do a little promotion for my blog/ etsy shop, so for the month of October, I'm sponsoring the Seablanket Blog!  You should totally stop by and take a look at the amazing fashion, make-up, and DIY tips that she is posting every day :-)  Wondering why I picked Seablanket? Because the blogger, Chelsea, is really awesome and I totally relate to her... and her fashion sense is spot on!

Also, I've joined the AGD Blog Network!  Basically, its a collection of blogs that are all written by sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta, my sorority.  Yesterday, there was a quick feature post on me/ my blog, as I'm part of their "Fall New Member Class".  I really love my sorority, and my sisters, and it was the BEST part of my college experience by FAR.  I continue to help out as an Alumna Advisor for my chapter, and joining the blog network is just another way for me to connect to sisters.  And really, who doesn't love making new friends?!

I've also been trying to keep busy with making new headbands and bows... and even some tiny little things for baby!  It's not easy for me to find time, mostly because I've either been away or super busy most weekends... as well as SOOOO distracted by the gorgeous weather all summer.  But, now that the clouds are rolling in, and its not going to be quite so desirable to be outside for every moment of my free time, I'll be making new items.  This should coincide nicely with the Holiday Season, and hopefully at least 1 or 2 Holiday Fairs!

Finally, I'm hoping to get some sunshine tomorrow so that I can take some photos of new items and new ribbon colors to add to the shop.  If I can do this, then I'm thinking there will be a shop update on Sunday.  I'm not sure when, but I will def post on here/ twitter/ facebook when it happens!

<3 barb


  1. You don't wear sweaters? Why? I never noticed that you were sweater-less.

  2. i'm more of a cardi girl... i think because sweaters don't really give me options for a change in temperature. the snuggly nature of chunky sweaters appeals to me in theory, but when i put one on i'm always warm and usually regret it... so, i'm just weird

  3. that's exactly my opinion on pull over sweatshirts, too much work to get on and off!
    LOVE the AGD Blogger shout out =D


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