weekends are too short

Mondays are the worst, and today was no exception.  It may have even stunk a bit extra... So, I'm here to cheer you all (and myself a bit too) with some fab pictures of PJ and I playing mini golf yesterday!  We figured that this weather wont be around for too long, so we should try out best to enjoy it :-)
I am obviously very serious about mini-golf!

PJ is notsomuch...

1... as in Hole In One... I was pretty impressed!

However, I was not happy about losing the game by 30 points... I was hoping he would let me win!

I exacted my revenge by making PJ drive the bug home.  Yes, thats right, my '77 VW beetle convertible... its a standard, and it really just does what it wants... PJ finds it difficult to drive, although also kinda fun!

I'm hoping to get it together for a quick shop update tonight.  I've got some pictures to edit of some barrettes and a new headband design! I'll tweet once I get it set up :-)

Thanks for letting me cheer myself here today... I hope I've cheered you all as well!
<3 barb


  1. What a cute post! You've definitely cheered me up :)

    SUPER cute blog! I'll definitely be back!

  2. i really need to get over my fear of stick shift and drive our 1969 vw beetle! i have tried a couple of times but just need to buckle down and just get over my fear!!!


  3. @cb. Pj here- it's actually not that bad! Granted Barbara's bug likes to stall occasionally just because I stop for Andes light you learn to move quickly restart it.

    Ps I'll have my revenge and have Barb do some donuts in my car lol.



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