autumn wants

With Labor Day Weekend over, I'm looking at fall... you know, just like everyone else in the blogosphere.  In particular, I'm loving what I see in Gap's Fall lookbook, all sorts of layers in knits and denim, as well as a play on fit and length combos.  Fall is really such a snuggly but beautiful time for style.
Anyway... here are some things I'm looking at for fall:
This cropped trench from GAP would look so pretty layered over a sweater, and I really love pushing up the sleeves on a jacket like this
Mmm sweaterdress... this one from Victoria's Secret looks particularly relaxed, but still versatile enough to dress up for a dinner out
Last year I had a pair of tights like this... but I poked several holes in them... I'll need another pair because I really love how they look with a pair of thick-strapped heels, which I already have
Lastly, I need a pair of motorcycle boots... I have some boots that are a bit more dainty than these, but these have the right look, I think the ankle straps keep it feminine, don't you?

Its 80 degrees out right now, so there's no need for me to get these things anytime soon... which is good, I can wait until they go on sale!  Also, it gives me some time to decide if I'm truly in love with these items in particular, also good if I don't want to spend all my money :-)

<3 barb


  1. Please do not get the Jefferson boots. I beg of you.

  2. Mmmm. Love that trench! It's sooo cute!

  3. those boots and tights are really really cute! i really want to wear my sheer dotted tights but i am still holding on to summer as we never got one over here on the west coast :(



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