taking picturess!!

so this weekend i'm in albany/ troy.
i really wanted to take some pics of my craft swap project before i sent it out on monday, so i brought my picture taking stuff up here... my friend ILI lives in an apartment right across the street from the park in Albany, and its gorgeous... SO i decided to take advantage of the unseasonably beautiful sunshine today and take some pictures in the park!

thats my mess of stuff... i love taking pictures outside, but sometimes its a pain in the butt to shuffle all my stuff around... luckily, i had this giant shopping bag to bring it all out in...
I know you're wondering where i got that gorgeous mustard yellow leather bag (amazing right?)... well, its another Etsy find!  i BEGGED my mom for this bag for christmas, and referred her to http://www.etsy.com/shop/morelle , where gorgeous bags are a pretty common occurrence, check it out for yourself if you don't believe me :-)
ANYWAY, here's another pic of me being my usual self, posing with my picture setup in Washington Park

isn't the park so pretty this time of year?  some guy passed by while walking with his dog and told me i was "pretty hardcore coming outside to take pictures in january"... um, sir, its gorgeous out... why stay inside?

anyway, i've got things to do this weekend, and people to see... so i'm out for now!
<3 barb

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