perfect saturday...

im blogging today from my outdoor office... aka, a lounge chair on the deck.  i actually hate using my computer outside, because its too shiny... but its nice out and i've got everything i need right here!

anyway, yesterday was a great day... the boyfriend and i planned to spend most of the day working on my new desk, but got seriously sidetracked... he FORCED me to drive his big, scary, fast car!
this is obv my serious driving face... slash im totally holding back hysterical laughter... i dont even know how P took the picture... i think he was laughing at me too!  this is progress, because usually im scared to death pretty much anytime i'm in the car

...anywayy... we eventually made our way to the desk (after various other adventures and endless chatter)... it looked a bit like this:
P putting the stripper on some desk pieces to lift off the original (gross, damaged) stain/ finish

here's me (another serious face)... cleaning off whatever remaining gunk is on the top of the desk

P sanding off one of the pieces... the only one we managed to get to that point with... oh well

the spots are from all the floating sander dust... but you can see the difference between a clean sanded piece and the original piece!  

after working on the desk, we went out to dinner for my mom's birthday... delicious food and good company was the perfect end to a really fabulous day!
alas, it is now time to get back to working on my desk... and no P here to help me with it, so i'm on my own today!

<3 barb

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