i don't care if its not sunny...

i'm going to the beach anyway!
...this is basically what val and i said this morning to the cloudy weather... and it turned out to be a pretty decent beach adventure, we didn't even really care about the 10 min of sun we got!  it was a good day to just relax, chat, eat, and read books... and i got sunburn on my leg anyway... sneaky sunshine!
here's val disregarding the lack of warmth and sunshine by lounging out anyway...
and there is the typical "artsy" pic of my feet in the sand... note the cloudy background :-P

also, yesterday P and i continued work on the desk
here we are patiently waiting for the chemical stripper to work on the desk... its like watching paint dry... only we are waiting for it to get really gross and gooey
and here's me again... applying more chemicals to the desk and desperately trying not to get any on my skin!
so yea, im totally ready to have a new desk and i'm hoping that i can make some progress this week with sanding/ staining and painting, which would be awesome.

coming up soon on my to-do list:

  • post some pics from my brief stay in ocean city
  • photograph and list some new headband designs (obv with sneak peeks here)
  • have a photo shoot with real live pretty girls wearing my accessories
  • figure out how to sew a dress... and make myself a pretty one :-)
  • reconfigure some old/ boring/ ill-fitting clothes that i have in my closet
i'll let you know if/ when any of these things happen!
<3 barb

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