a closed laptop day

yesterday started out with the best of intentions... i had pictures to post and things to tell and then, it became a CLOSED LAPTOP DAY...
i know, this sounds completely crazy... how can you just ignore the laptop all day? well, its easy for me... if its in my backpack, sometimes i just am not motivated to take it out and boot things up
this is a good thing... it keeps me from:
  1. wasting time (while i don't necessarily think facebook creeping is a waste of time, it certainly prevents me from doing other things)
  2. hiding in my room by myself (instead of, you know, spending time with my family and friends)
  3. online shopping (really, completely unnecessary... i don't have money to burn)
so anyway... this is what i planned to show you yesterday:
boyfriend and i went to home depot to get some items to fix up my new desk... as i may have mentioned, i'm very excited about this, and i had SO MANY ideas for what i want to do to it!  the decision was made to refinish the wood in a lighter color, and then paint the little organizer shelves and the inside of the drawers a bright orange color... orange is sooooo my color lately

here you can see the orange, and those rolls of floral stuff? im going to use that to line the drawers... since i'll be keeping lots of pretty stuff in there (all my ribbons, fabric, paper, etc) i want to make sure it stays nice!  

hopefully this weekend i'll find time to do some work on this desk... i cannot wait to have a dedicated space for my crafting stuff! i will def be taking more pics and sharing along the way :-)

<3 barb

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