boooo monday!

mondays are not my favorite... at all... and today has been, well, yucky... to say the least (the very least)... instead, i'd like to focus on how awesome my weekend was...
let me just say, i like road trips... i like road trips even more when the weather is great and i have a cute travel buddy!
PJ is now my favorite travel buddy... and i was really happy when our 1 day trip to a giant car show (more on that below) grew into a weekend-long excursion of happiness! we left on saturday morning for our 3 hour drive out to Carlisle, PA...
i was left alone in the car while PJ checked us in for the car show... and this is what happened... i took one of those "you can see my camera in the mirror but thats ok because its kinda cool and artsy when i do this" car pictures... i like it!
THIS is the GM National Car Show at Carlisle... it was huge, it was ridiculous, and there were so many cars... PJ has a bright orange 2006 Pontiac GTO (which took the entire evening on friday to wash and wax, even with my help)... its loud, both in color and in my ears, but i like it!
it was SO RIDICULOUSLY HOT at the car show... but it was cool to see all the cars, both old and new :-)

we stayed over in a hotel... which was gloriously air conditioned... and continued on sunday to Hersheypark!!
i'd love to say i have lots of pictures of this, but i dont...
after a day of rollercoaster riding (assisted by the Hersheypark iPhone app... yes, really) we ended with a delicious meal at, where else but the CRACKER BARREL!!
i actually took this pic on my phone to send to my dad, who was insanely jealous when he saw it!! haha, next time dad!
road trip ended with a long car ride home full of singing, laughing, traffic, and being super tired... totally worth it!!

i'm telling myself that even tho monday stinks, i had a great weekend... so here's looking forward to a summer full of awesome weekends!!

<3 barb

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