fun new things...

somewhere along the way... i took a picture of some work i was doing... this is my "portable workstation"

i've been working on some new/ old ideas... trying to keep things fresh... and i'll hopefully be adding some new items to the shop soon... you can see that pretty purple headband and that hot pink flower in the pic? well, once they're done (aka made into something beautiful/ fabulous) i'll take some real pics and they will be up for grabs!
here's a really artsy (crooked) pic of me wearing one of my latest designs... its a thin headband with some small ruffles on it... i thought it really popped in my dark hair!

...anyway... im having major difficulties with getting work done because i lack a dedicated space... it's really a pain in the butt to have to move my work around, carry my supples from room to room, and put everything away mid-project because "we need a place to eat dinner"... boo you dining room table!

HOWEVER... i seem to have found a solution... 
TA- DA!!!
i found this at a thrift store!!! lots of drawers for my crafty storage!
and it opens up too! look at those cute little organizer shelves! yay!! and all that lovely hide-away desk space!
so its a little damaged and scratched... but my fabulous boyfriend has offered to help me fix it up! i am sooooo excited, can you tell?!

ok, so i'm gonna try to put together a treasury for tonight/ tomorrow... i'll do my best to keep updating over the next few days :-)

<3 barb

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  1. hey,
    I would just like to say that you are reading my mind about the space thing! I'm going through exact same thing with making jewelery. I haven't been doing it much because i have to pull it all out and then put it all back and its so frustrating. I'm super jealous of your new desk. I need to find something like that!
    PS love your blog and your headbands! keep it up
    -Liz B.


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