off the wagon... in the suitcase

i fell off the wagon this week... i had ideas about a treasury, and theres always about a million things that i want, but i got distracted by my plans for a weekend in boston with like half the people i was friends with in college... which is awesome!!
i'm so super happy, and so excited, and i spent the past 2 nights willing my empty suitcase to fill itself up with my cutest outfits before finally throwing in wayyy too much stuff (im bringing like 5 pairs of shoes for a long weekend)... and i thought to myself, wouldn't it be lovely to have a pretty vintage piece of luggage to fill up?  yes, then my packing would get done so much faster, and so much more easily... sure it would
isn't this so pretty? i love the faux alligator, i love the tan color, and i love the big buckle! 

this is just the yummiest thing ever... i love the color, the texture, the inside... it just looks so feminine

and THIS! ...that buckle, the brown color... i think its fabulous, in a very "im not trying to be fabulous" kind of way, don't you?

anyway, i seem to have fallen in love with American Tourister vintage suitcases... if you're wondering what to get me for my next birthday, i wouldn't mind one of these :-)

anyway... back to work so i can finish up and head out for my loves in boston!  hopefully i 
A) will take pictures instead of being a total bum and 
B) will take the time to download said pictures and post them here for you!

<3 barb

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