the saga continues...

...and no, i'm not talking about twilight! (although, i am pretty psyched about the new movie AND i'm currently reading the short second life of bree tanner)
i'm talking about my fabulous desk!  over the past few days, big things happened... i will show you, in pictures!

1- we pretty much finished putting the finish on the bigger pieces (huh?) ...all thats left is the door, which is tricky because it has 2 sides!
2- we taped off (and covered with newspaper) the areas that we were leaving finished... because obviously i'm using paint to infuse a bit of color into this project!
(gettin' my serious face on, as per usual)
3- we primed all the areas that we intend to paint
(pj is awesome at priming)
4-we made sure everything was settled... and left for our weekend adventure!!
(you can see almost all the pieces here... the door in the background is still being finished... and  the walls of the drawers as well as the organizer slots are all ready to be painted!!)
5- when we returned from the adventure... look what had arrived from DK General Store!!!
(i'm in love... they're perfect!!)
6- we began painting... the most gorgeous shade of ORANGE!!!
(its difficult to get into the tiny spaces)
7- PJ painted my nose... 
(self explanatory)
8- and so, i put him to work!!
(he didn't really mind)
9- then we cleaned up a bit (my nose and the desk) to put some of the pieces together and see how gorgeous it all really looks:
(desk with paint, knobs, and 1 drawer in place... i am completely in love with the way the stain and the orange paint look against each other)
10- we high fived, and formulated a plan for how we can go about wrapping up this project ASAP!

so, there you have it! while i am very much enjoying the time spent with PJ working on my very first furniture project, i really can't wait to have a workspace of my own... pretty much all of my crafty supplies (everything from fabric/ sewing stuff to scrapbooking goodies to piles and piles of ribbon) are stored in my room... in my closet, on my floor, under my bed... and its a mess, which makes it super difficult to be really productive!
i think because we are planning to finish this in the next 2 days, i wont post any pics until it is totally done... so you will have to wait patiently (or not, its not like i'm there to see your tantrum) for news of the completed desk!!

<3 barb

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