i'm obviously a bit of a schizophrenic, because yesterday all i wanted was floral prints... and today i decided to focus on colorblocked solids... i'll say it out loud, "i'm crazy"
anyway... <3 all of these, they just look so crisp and modern, but still fun and sexy:
love modcloth, love this dress, love those balloons!

grey + yellow = one of my fave color combos... and this dress looks like a great one to throw on for a summer day! express never fails me :-)

i have been eyeing this dress (and pretty much everything in the Ureshii etsy shop) pretty much since the first day i saw it... doesn't it just look so comfy, but also fabulous?

maybe someday soon i'll get my act together and make some new stuff... i bought some materials for necklaces and beaded flowers, but i haven't been motivated lately... i'll have to find a cure for that... i'm open to suggestions for new designs/ materials :-)

happy shopping!
<3 barb

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