music = happiness

as we all know, not every day is a good day, but your morning is generally a good indication of where your day will go...
i ran this morning... and yesterday morning... and i'm getting noticeably faster
i like to listen to music while i run, and while i do a little ab workout after, so this morning my soundtrack was a little Taylor Swift (seriously, whose soundtrack isnt taylor swift?) and then i was pleasantly surprised to see Miranda Lambert's video for her new single, "The House That Built Me" on CMT this morning... so, you see, i was already in a pretty good mood this morning when i left the house for work (unusual, i assure you)

but then, i got in the car... and drove to work (which is typically a frustrating part of my day- i'm always running late, putting on chapstick in the car, trying to block the too bright sun, getting stuck behind trucks... miserable)... about a block away from my office, this song came on:

yea... and it was awesome... and i might have been on time to work, but i stayed in my car to have a dance party... because i knew that id be wayyy happier if i did so

moral of the story: dance parties in the car will definitely improve your life :-)

more later, i hope
<3 barb

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