photo montage

you may be wondering where i've been, or maybe you're just like "whatev, barb gave up on this blog thing"... but i haven't!  so i'm back today to show a few pics of my most recent adventures!
of course, i went up to albany, and then troy... in albany i visited ili, dave, and erin... we made delicious margaritas, and some dinner too... i have no pictures of this (fail) :-(
(Erzie, Amanda, ME, Grace, Lauren, Symona)
BUT i DO have a pic of me and some lovely Alpha Gams at the advisor mixer we had at our chapter house in Troy!  I really love spending time with the girls (and i think they kinda like me too!)
On Saturday, I did one of my very favorite things... i went for a run with my sister!  regretfully, i didn't bring my camera with me while we ran (it was a really pretty day and we ran at the park)... however, i think we MORE THAN made up for it with this ridiculous "jumping" photo shoot after our run... you can see our little front porch picnic in the background:
(click to enlarge... its better that way!)
yea... me and katie are awesome, as evidenced by this...
other awesome news... i sent a headband to LONDON yesterday!  wahoo LONDON! it looked a little bit (or a lot bit) like this: 
shes cute, i know... i hope that she will be well loved by Aimee from London!
i'll leave you with a pic from Sunday's Staten Island St. Patty's Day Parade! since, really, who doesn't love pretty girls?
(ME, Juliana, Val)
Val and I are both wearing headbands that I made :-) oh happiness!
hope you enjoyed the pics!  my next adventure brings me out to California to visit the wonderful LJ... i promise i'll post when i return on Monday :-D
<3 barb

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  1. yea we kindaaa do.

    i hope you have a fabulous time with lj. enjoy the sun and her wonderful company. miss you both and i want to hear allll about your adventures immediately upon your return. love you!


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