a little crafty

so, i've been absent lately... mostly because i've been COMPLETELY DISTRACTED by the olympics... now that's all over, and i've gotten my sports fix for the next 2 years, i'll be able to start being crafty again

last night, i made a card to send to a friend of mine who i think is doing a really great job!  i really enjoy making cards.  i have all sorts of pretty scrapbook paper, and i have a new rotary cutter that makes it WAY EASIER to cut pieces of paper nice and straight and squared up!
thats my "workspace"... i wish i had a larger space, but you can see there the font i plan to use, the pretty striped paper, and my new rotary cutter!
i actually cut out all the letters from adhesive cardstock, which is annoying and difficult and would prob be a lot easier if i had the right tools... any suggestions for what that might be?  besides sharper scissors...
theres the finished product... i even used my OTHER favorite tool, my star hole punch :-)  i think it adds a little something extra, and i really hope that the recipient of my card enjoys it as much as i do!
i've got some headband ideas that i think its time to put into action... so i'll get on that, and maybe send some pics of that along soon as well... and maybe later this week i'll post what i've been up to since i haven't been blogging
thanks for following along!
<3 barb


  1. Nice job Martha Stewart. I do enjoy the star hole punch.

    Don't forget to use that 40% off coupon!

  2. Xacto knife!! I don't know how to spell it, but I use it for pdi studio all the time!


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