craft swap... part 1

so, the craft swap is about halfway done... my buddy, Nancy, has received my wondrous gifts, but unfortunately she got the flu in the process of making my gift, so i'm still eagerly awaiting its arrival.  luckily, one of my gifts to her was a coffe cup coozie, so she has been using it already!  i am so happy she loved what i made, and heres a pic to show you now!

don't you wish i made you something this lovely?  maybe if you play your cards right... or you ask me nicely... i'll make you something pretty too :-)
here are some more etsy-worthy pics of what i sent over to nancy:

jealous? yea, i thought so... i'll likely be making myself one of these cute little coozies soon.  however, ive got my sights set on finally getting to a new headband design this week before i head to ATLANTA to see DANI!!
also, apologies for my lack of a second entry last week... while i'd really like to stick to my goals, sometimes life just gets in the way!  i'm sure you understand
more soon, i promise
<3 barb

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