well, I'm very sorry, but i'm a miserable blogger... I also stink at twitter, and my facebook fan page could use a little love as well... since it is now a new year, which means a new beginning, I'm going to focus on being better at these things for 2010
i know, i know... 2010 started days ago... 10 days ago to be exact... but i'm a slacker, and in this case I feel it's better late than never, RIGHT?!
so instead of "resolutions", which i think are silly, i'm going to set some goals... for my blog, my shop, my life in general... TODAY's goal is to write myself a list of goals, both long and short term... if i can get that done today, I'll pass it along later :-)

in the meantime, i'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU! for your love and support... and share with you my last original creation of 2009 (isn't it fab?!)


PS i would like to dedicate what i hope will be a very successful year to a friend of mine who passed away yesterday... his ever-positive attitude is an inspiration to me, and i hope that it will help me to move forward and work hard in the coming year <3

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