goals = productivity = happiness

so thats me... im really awkward... like, really awkward... but hey, at least im ok with it
that book that im holding, the one that looks like its scaring me just a little bit, is my new book of goals/dreams/ideas... its like a journal, only it makes me sound more like an artist... and its totally scary because i'm writing these things down, so that means they are real and i need to pay attention to what im doing!

as promised, below is the list that i made this week about my goals:

most goals involve not failing at networking via the internet... blogging, posting new items to my shop, tweeting, things of that nature
others are real goals that im really pumped about! like my desire to create a new series of designs each month, participate in a craft fair, and take more everyday pictures... these may seem silly, but i work almost full time as an architect... and by the time i get home, im tired and its hard to stay focused on making new things/ being social
i find its really easy to be useless on the internet (i.e. spend my whole night creeping on facebook) so i'm going to try hard to be more productive during the time i sit in front of my computer (reading other blogs, designing a new shop banner, editing pics, etc)
my biggest goal, which isn't listed, is to be happy... with who i am, who im with, what im doing, and where my life is going... not so easy, but i'll try it!
anyway, its friday night, so i have big plans (or small ones)... maybe over the weekend i'll take some more pics, and i promise to post again before tuesday!

<3 barb

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  1. Best of luck with your goals - putting them in writing always helps!


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