i know i've been slacking...

so, this is obviously a LOOOOONG overdue update... but I'm doing it now so that hopefully I can fill you in on what I've been up to...
way back when I was still in college (in May), Ili asked me if I could make a headband for her using some fabulous Fendi ribbon that she had... of course I told her that I could... and I did... but I gave it to her without taking any pictures
obv that was a mistake because its a fabulous headband, so last time I saw Ili, I stole the headband to take some pictures so that I could share them!

I think it came out great... and I would totally be open to doing this in the future for anyone who had ribbon that they really liked and wanted to make an accessory out of... maybe I'll post it as a new item in my shop... "you send me ribbon, I'll send you headband"... yes?

next up for me I'm heading back to school for Homecoming/Reunion Weekend!! Yay! At my lovely sorority house (Alpha Gamma Delta), we're having a silent auction, and I agreed to make a few headbands to be auctioned off... they are just about done, and I hope to get outside and take some pictures before they are sold... then maybe I'll get around to posting them before another month goes by!
Wish my headbands luck in the auction!

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