the race begins...

I know I've been mostly absent around here lately.  Truthfully, I just wasn't feeling the whole blog thing, and so I just let it slip into the background.  But today, I'm here for your help!
a different race... 
PJ and I have entered a race... not really similar to the one that the above photo is from, but a race just the same.  However, the finish line of this race includes a RING... and a PROPOSAL... YEA.
If you've met me before, or you've ever read this blog, you know that I love this guy.  I want nothing more in the world than to spend the rest of my life with him, going on adventures, acting silly, and being generally happy.  I'm totally crazy about him, and also totally secure in the knowledge that he is crazy about me too.
Anyway, the contest...
click to go to the voting page!
We need 500 *unique* votes to get to the next level.  That means I can't just sit here all day and vote for myself until my fingers go numb.  It also means that we need the support of you, our friends, to not just vote yourselves, but spread the word about how adorably perfect we are and how much you'd love to see us win this contest and get engaged!  
So click on the photo above, log into facebook, and vote.  And then, tell everyone you know... because we're cute, and we're happy, and you know we'd vote for you!

Thank you for your help, we truly appreciate each and every vote,
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