third annual

Summer is now officially in full swing, as PJ and I embarked on our annual road trip out to the all-GM  National Auto Show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania over the weekend.  I pretty much love this trip, and it makes me smile extra because it was our very first trip with just us two.  We're pretty set in our ways now, so it's really relaxing to just do our thing and not worry about making plans.  Here's what it looked like:
1. road trip face!  2. the car is trying to tell us to take a break
3. our arrival  4. a line of GTOs (PJs is the first orange one)
5. a FAUXrarri (a modified Pontiac Fiero)  6. burnouts
7. Hersheypark!!!  8.Our most favorite dinner spot :-)

We had the most fun time, we love our cars, rollercoasters, and southern chain restaurants!!  AND we were treated to a brand new coaster at Hersheypark that totally blew us away (um, literally)... it was really the best kind of weekend to spend with my best guy :-D

<3 barb

Obv these pics are from instagram, follow me @bandsnbows and PJ @shafter4in51

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