an annual tradition

As PJ have only been together for a little over a year now, it's exciting for us to have something we can call "annual". Our trip to the GM National Car Show in Carlisle, PA is the first such tradition... even if it's actually PJ's annual thing that I jumped in on last year. Either way, it's a fun tradition that we now have together!

We started out by driving out on Saturday and spending the day at the show... Or as I like to call it, the only place on earth with a line for the men's restroom but not for the women's. Yes, seriously.

Prepare for iPhone pics...

That's literally HALF of the show field! There were so many cars, as well as trucks, some over 50 years old... Now you understand why there were so many men, right?

THIS car was actually for sale... We spotted it moments after I said that cars of this time/style look best in two tone, cream with pastel. PJ and I rationalized that if we spent all our money on a car like this, what more could we need? Sadly, we didn't get it, but if you know anyone giving away a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain, you know who to call.

Saturday night we stayed over in PA, and found the most amazingly cheap and delicious hibachi buffet. I didn't take any pics, mostly because we ate so much, and so quickly! I love randomly finding yummy food, don't you?

On Sunday, we headed to Hersheypark! If you're not familiar, yes, it is a candy themed amusement park owned by Heyshey's Chocolate... and it's just about as awesome as it sounds :-). We spent the day riding roller coasters, eating junk food, and having fun.

We took an ice cream break that looked a bit like this. My ice cream cone was about 8 inches tall, with a chocolate dip shell, and at some point, the drops of melted ice cream got away from me, and I made a mess. Good thing messes are still delicious.

PJ and I rounded out our weekend with dinner at the Cracker Barrel, one of our faves that we don't get to enjoy very often... there are so few CBs near NYC!

While it wasn't the most glamorous weekend, it was SO much fun, and I love all the mini-vacations that PJ and I get to take together. Each little trip is like a weekend long date! :-)

<3 barb

P.S. I've been complimented twice recently on my style, once on my outfit, once on my shoes. I'd love to start doing outfit posts, but I'm having trouble figuring out time to take pics. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ummm I can take a pic in the morning duh!


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