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PJ caught a fish around 1 am
Now that summer... or just warm weather that feels like summer...  is here, I'm doing lots of fun things with my family and friends.  I figured I should share what I've been doing and what I'm planning to do on the upcoming sunny days:
  • Cruising around in the bug with PJ (top down, sunglasses on... sunscreen on too)
  • Eating ice cream at the swim club
  • Fishing... both during the day and late at night (see above)
  • Celebrating! my birthday is on Friday...
  • Running outside - Katie, PJ, and I ran in a race on Monday, it was HOT!
  • Outdoor concerts, because lawn seats are the best (see below)
  • Reading lots of books
  • Sitting outside on my lunch break, during my commute, or really anytime
  • Painting my toenails, because you can see them now
  • Road trips to see friends and ride rollercoasters
I realize that this list is far from comprehensive, but its a good start.... don't you think?
the whole fam went to a concert together :-)
Cheers to an awesome summer, hope you have some great plans too!
<3 barb

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