i was right!

I was right!  And it's not terribly shocking to me at all... I'm just being modest here. 
Back in college, I used to (usually) do my very best to get dressed in a decent outfit before heading to campus for the day - even if I knew I was just going to be sitting in studio working on my project where pretty much nobody would see me.  The theory?  Look better, feel better.  If I'm dressed like I'm going to get things done, then its highly likely that I will, in fact, get things done.
Today, Refinery 29 told me that I was right.
Scientists part ofThe Journal of Experimental Cognition have been researching the effect that clothing has on the way we think and act, a phenomenon called "unclothed cognition"…and here's the magical part: You have to be wearing the clothes for it to take effect.
So it's no good to have the perfect blazer in your closet, you need to wear it on the day you want to feel powerful and confident.

<3 barb

PS - On days when you want to LOOK powerful and confident but would rather be wearing leggings, I recommend these pants.  They are perfectly stretchy, but look professional too!

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  1. I love this article! It even works (to an extent) when you're sick!


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