it's that time of year...

Yay! <3 this holiday market 
 ...you know, the end of the year when there are a dozen christmas presents to be very carefully picked out and a few parties to attend and gingerbread houses to decorate and real houses to decorate and you're thinking OH MY GOD WE'RE ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH DECEMBER AND THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER!?!
Or maybe that's just me?  I'd really hate to think I'm alone in all this holiday chaos.  I've been out on my lunch break almost every day searching for gifts (I really haven't found much... sads) and when I'm not out running around, I'm scouring the interwebs for gift guides that might help me out.

I now see that it looks like I'm complaining... but I assure you, I am not.  I just really love this time of year, and I want it to be perfect in every way- which includes getting awesome presents for everyone on my list.  The few presents I do have so far are stunners, so I just need to make sure the rest are comparably awesome.  And I've still got 2 solid weeks of shopping to handle that!
(See what I did there?  I just totally pumped myself up)

Any awesome gift ideas out there? I'd love to hear...
<3 barb


  1. gift shopping was tough this year! lou's making homemade italian spaghetti sauce for all of his relatives and mine and we're garnishing them with cloth and ribbon. definitely recommend it for a big family!

    sidenote: when are you doing pics of what you wear on this blog? i think it'd be a total hit!

  2. i love this time of the year. it's hands down my favorite. perfect for snuggling. i always say that the best presents have something to do with traveling... even if it's just a day trip and a picnic <3



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