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Here we go again with another book review.  It's possible that I'm the last 20-something girl on earth to read this book, but I was just waiting for a coupon to buy it!  (I seriously don't buy anything without a coupon, including books.)
So this is Bossypants, by Tina Fey.  I've always liked Tina, mostly because I LOVE the movie Mean Girls and could probably recite it word for word even without watching it.  And I picked up this book because I figured she's pretty hilarious, so her book should be funny too!  Thankfully, I was right :-)
Obviously, its a biography or a memoir or whatever you want to call it.  Tina takes us through her awkward years (which is pretty much all of her years) and tells us about how she got her start in acting (summer camp).  She describes her real life with a twist, which is pretty typical of her (see Mean Girls), and makes her totally normal upbringing into something that logically was followed by her successful career as a beautiful, intelligent comedian.
One of the funniest parts of the book is the discussion of Tina playing Sarah Palin on SNL.  She had been off the show for 2 years, and when she was on the show she mostly did Weekend Update (because in a wig, she only looks like herself, in a wig), so when people started wondering if she would play Sarah Palin (who she actually looks like!)... it only confirmed her suspicions that people didn't notice whether she was on SNL or not!  She pretty much didn't have a choice in the matter... which worked out very nicely for the rest of, us I think.
Reading this book made me want to be her friend (or be HER, either way).  I'm sure most of the women who are attracted to this book love Tina's awkardness and offbeat humor, and can relate to her not being the typical perfect actress type.  I say this because I relate to that too.  Sometimes, my clothes get dirty before I leave the house and I definitely had some questionable fashion choices when I was younger.  That's normal, and that's what Tina talks about... only she makes it seem outrageous and hilarious.  If we all had her sense of humor about things, maybe we would all be happier in our own awkwardness/normalness.  
Read this book, thank me later!
<3 barb

PS- I am now watching all of 30 Rock on Netflix... how did I never watch this before?!

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